Qld mum discovers $50,000 ‘scratchie’ win three years later

A QUEENSLAND woman is in shock after discovering she’s $50,000 richer after finally scratching the Instant Scratch-Its ticket she was gifted more than three years ago!

The woman, from North Lakes, told a Golden Casket official today that she was gifted the lucky scratchie from her former workplace as a farewell gift.

“The Instant Scratch-Its tickets were given to me as a gift from my work! They were a farewell gift,” the woman explained.


“I received them back in 2015, but I only just scratched them! There were a few scratchies on a tree. It was a beautiful gift, but I was just too emotional to scratch them, so I kept putting it off,” she said.

The woman explained that she had forgotten about the scratchies after stashing them in her bedside table.

“I had them in my bag for about year and thought I needed to scratch them. But then when I was cleaning out my bag, I transferred them to my bedside table and completely forgot about them,” she said.

“It was only on Saturday, over three years after I was given them, when I was searching for something in the bottom of that draw, that I found them and said to my daughter ‘let’s sit and scratch them all now! I need to stop putting it off!’

“So we had a lovely time scratching them because so many of them were winners. We had gotten up to about $60 and just looked at each other and said ‘yes, winning! What a good day!’. Little did we know, that was just the beginning.

“We finally got to this one, which was the last one, and my daughter was scratching it and she said ‘mum, I think we’ve won a big prize here!’

“And I was just looking at her and said ‘nah, it can’t be!’. But we checked it, and then rechecked it, and checked it again!”

After realising she had won big, the woman said she didn’t want to get too excited because she thought the scratchie could be expired.

“They were over three years old and we had no idea how long they would last for. So then I got a bit disappointed because I knew it was because of my own carelessness that I had forgotten about them, and potentially missed out on $50,000!”

“Now I feel fantastic and relieved. It’s so exciting!

When asked how she planned to spend her instant windfall, the happy woman revealed she would share some with her family and the rest would be used to enjoy her retirement.

“We are close to retirement so we see it as a great boost! The rest we will share with our children. It really has come at the perfect time,” the woman said.

The winning $4 Tombs of Riches Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at IGA Xpress Caboolture.

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