QLD records another 50 coronavirus cases

Queensland has recorded a further 50 cases of coronavirus, taking the State’s total to 493.

Four of the new cases were recorded on the Gold Coast, while 39 were in Brisbane.

The Gold Coast has now had 91 cases since the outbreak began.


Officials say the majority of cases across the State continue to be concentrated among those returning from overseas and people who have had contact with known cases.

It comes after Queensland recorded its first death in the State, with a 69-year-old man, who was a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise ship.

A 77-year-old Queensland woman had earlier died in a Sydney hospital.

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“My condolences go that family who are currently grieving in Toowoomba the loss of that 69-year-old gentleman,” Health Minister Steven Miles said on Thursday.

“It should serve as a reminder to us all that this virus will kill and that is why we are taking it all so seriously.

“It could kill somebody you know . they could catch it, they could have caught it from you and that is why it is so important, so important, that absolutely everybody complies with the social distancing measures that we have put in place.”

Queensland has now conducted 40,946 tests since the outbreak began which Mr Miles says is allowing us to contain the virus.

“Right now, we have no Queenslanders in intensive care which is much lower than the levels of hospitalisations and intensive care seen anywhere in the world and it’s precisely because of our high level of testing.”

“If you’re sick, stay at home”

Chief Health Officer Dr Jeanette Young says despite the spike in numbers, the virus is being well controlled in Queensland.

“We’ve done a brilliant job. We had 50 new cases today, we’re holding our own, we really and truly are. We’re not seeing that exponential rise in cases which is excellent,” Dr Young said.

“We can manage those cases, we can manage those numbers.”

Dr Young also issued has issued a stern warning to everybody not to go out if they are unwell, no matter what the illness is or what symptoms are.

“If you are sick stay at home, it doesn’t matter what the cause of that illness is, stay at home.

“Then if you’re in one of those categories that could mean you have COVID-19, seek advice, then get assessed and get tested if you meet the criteria.”

Dr Young said too many people were still putting others at risk.

“We are still seeing people go to work for three or four days unwell then think, ‘this might be COVID-19’ and get tested and yes it is.

“Then we have to do an enormous amount of contact tracing , we have to require a large number of people to go into quarantine.

“So if we can just stop that one problem , if every single Queenslander, all 5 million of us, if we get unwell just stay home.”

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Can we publish a list of locations that the diagnosed people have visited? If you don’t let people know where is of high risk and where is low, people have to assume it’s high risk everywhere, causing unnecessary concerns. So far we already have 87 confirmed cases on the Gold Coast, but the only location we are told is the Rick Shores Restaurant. So all the 87 people were from that restaurant? To protect privacy, we don’t need to list the location of their homes, but at least we need to know the shops they visited and public transport they… Read more »


I agree .. would just like locations .. not for instance 56 cases for Sunshine Coast. I am a fulltime carer for my 89 year old mother so think this should be available


Down load snewpit it tells U wat areas the virus is


I live in the Cooloola Cove area and apparently virus cases here are under Sunshine Coast .. Could you please advise if you know of any cases in the Cooloola Cove and Tin Can Bay or Rainbow Beach area as I have all the symptoms except breathing problems and havent been in contact with anyone that i am aware of. I heard that there are 2 cases here. Have spoken to 13HEALTH re my symptoms and have been self isolating since last Sunday .. THANKS


I live on Russell Island and the local IGA doesn’t control social distancing there is no sanitizing no help for older people or for people whom are at high risk (like myself) for delivery or hours for us to go in without the mass of the island. I rang IGA and asked these questions and was told “we cant control or have the room to social distance and no” to different hours for people at high risk “we don’t have the staff”…… I have to get my son to travel from the gold coast get on the car barge ($100… Read more »