Qld residents evacuated as police declare ’emergency situation’ over leaking dam

An emergency alert has been issued for residents in a Southern Downs town, with fears a dam could burst any minute triggering a major flood.

Police made an emergency declaration under the Public Safety Preservation Act in Talgai around 10.40pm last night, after the Bolzan Quarry Dam began leaking water.

The affected area is bounded by Hendon Victoria Hill Road, Warwick Allora Road, Pratten Road and Yankee Gully Road.


“Overnight seven properties were door knocked by police and all residents were evacuated who hadn’t already self-evacuated. A further five properties have been door knocked this morning with occupants self-evacuating,” police said.

Officers are now working with dam engineers to fix the hole in the dam wall and to ensure all precautions have been taken.

“Engineers have met with the dam’s owners this morning and the QPS is working with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, Southern Downs Regional Council, engineers and property owners to manage and monitor the incident,” a statement from police reads.

All potentially affected residents have been evacuated for their own safety and have been urged to seek higher ground.

People are being urged to avoid the area.

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