Queensland border crossing already moving much faster

The border crossing seems to be going much smoother this morning, with hundreds of people applying for online permits.

Motorists are still having to queue on the M1, though traffic checks on the Gold Coast Highway seem to be flowing.

Yesterday, commuters had to wait over an hour to get through check points, having to answer questions about their intentions in the state.


Overnight, hundreds of people who had essential reasons to cross the border, such as for work or medical appointments, were able to obtain permits online through the Queensland Government website.

They’re now being waved through checkpoints rather than having to answer questions.

Authorities are yet to confirm the number of permits just yet.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey says it already seems to be getting easier.

“We didn’t want to stop was the people getting to work across the border, and just doing those basic things that they need to do.

“What we do want to stop is the holiday makers and the vacationers, this is not a time to be doing the usual holiday things,” Minister Bailey said.

Meantime, The Byron Bay Shire Mayor Simon Richardson has called on the NSW government to close the border in the other direction, so that Queenslanders can be stopped coming into New South Wales.

Tweed Mayor Katie Milne has also backed those calls.

At the moment, those with Queensland number plates can still travel relatively freely over the border.

For more information about navigating the border crossing, click here.

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Richard Kranum
Richard Kranum

Has anyone actually been turned around or fined?


Has nobody thought that this is more than controlling a virus? But more like 1939 Germany.. With absolutely nobody questioning this online, because it gets swiftly taken down..
Just remember this : A21

Dirk diggla
Dirk diggla