Rain, possible storm on the way for the Gold Coast

It may not look like it at the moment, but we are being warned wet weather is on the way for the Gold Coast today.

Showers are likely across the city from this afternoon, with forecasters revealing a possible thunderstorm could also be on the cards.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s Rosa Hoff says the storms are more likely in the west.


“The sunny conditions that we have seen this morning have been a little bit of a red herring because a big cloud band is actually head in from the west,” Ms Hoff told myGC.

“That cloud will be increasing throughout the day and will bring an increased chance of some showers into this afternoon.

“We have a chance of seeing some storms about the place, although at this stage, the most likely areas to see any severe thunderstorms would be further out to the west.”

“There is a little bit of a chance that a storm could roll over, but we would expect it to be generally weakening at this stage… those thunderstorms will be most likely from late morning and into this afternoon.”

Ms Hoff says the Gold Coast could see anything between 5 millimetres to 20 millimetres of rain.

“For the Gold Coast, showers are more likely at this stage, but there is still the chance we could see a few strikes of lightening about the place.

“Further south, we’re expecting to see less than 10 millimetres in most rain gauges, if you’re under the right cloud its a bit thicker, or under a storm you could see some higher totals getting up to 20 millimetres.”

The wet weather could continue into early tomorrow morning before the sun appears.

“We’re expecting to bear the brunt of it today, although there is still a chance we could see some activity out on the more coastal water areas in the early hours of tomorrow morning,” Ms Hoff said.

“But generally things will be clearing up and it’s back to sunny conditions for the start of next week.”

The Gold Coast is expected to hit a top of 30 today, with 29 degrees forecast for tomorrow.

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Lightning…not lightening.


Do you really expect proper grammar from a chick in that age bracket? Couldn’t write effectively without her spell-check program, and even then, you need to actually KNOW what’s correct in the first place.