Rapids Ride Tragedy: Coroner to hand down findings today

Dreamworld’s fate lies in the hands of a Queensland coroner, who will finally hand down his findings into the ride tragedy which claimed the lives of four people.

It’s been more than three years since Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi were killed when their raft flipped on the Thunder River Rapids Ride on October 25, 2016.

Ms Goodchild’s daughter, 12, and Ms Low’s 10-year-old son miraculously survived the incident.


After years of the unknown, family and friends of those who lost their lives will soon learn what went wrong when Coroner James McDougall delivers his finding in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

A month-long inquest in late 2018 heard that the Thunder River Rapids ride had malfunctioned twice on October 25, 2016, before the fatal third incident.

A park engineer also told the inquest that rides at the Coomera theme park could sometimes break down 20 times a day.

Police recommended no criminal charges be laid against the park’s staff over the accident, however the coroner could still suggest prosecutions or fines for the company.

The fatal incident led to the State Government introducing new safety regulations for amusement park rides, while the Queensland Government also introduced tougher workplace health and safety prosecution laws.

Some of the new safety regulations include major inspections of rides by qualified engineers every ten years, improve competency and training of ride operators, mandate proper recording of inspections, maintenance and operator competency; and mandate a new Safety Case and Licensing System for major amusement parks.

“We are taking action to ensure tourists and the wider community have faith in the safety measures that are in place,” Industrial Relations Minister Grace Grace said in a statement in March last year.

“We are making these changes before the current coronial process is finalised because we are prioritising safety. We have made the Coroner aware of the changes.

“When the Coroner hands down his final report and recommendations, we will examine it closely and make any further changes we may need to.”

The families of those who died in the tragedy have been invited to speak following today’s findings.

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