SE Qld in for weekend of wild weather

South-east Queenslanders are being warned to brace for a weekend of wild weather.

Severe thunderstorms are likely to hit as early as midday today, according to Nine’s weather guru Garry Youngberry.

“Because temperatures are rising so quickly and it’s already so hot today, its possible that we could see storms from around midday,” Youngberry told 1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan & Emily Jade.


“The range is right across the south-east right up to the wide bay burnett region and stretching inland – some areas will miss out but just about everywhere across the south-east will see some form of rain and storms today.”

It’s possible the storm could be brought on by a supercell, with Youngberry stating that “there are all the ingredients there today for that to happen.”

“I definitely think we will see storms, but for supercells what we need is really high temperatures and a lot of humidity, we not only need instability at the sea surface but also in the upper atmosphere, and they are all there today.”

You can listen to the full interview with Garry Youngberry below:

Residents are being urged to ensure that they are prepared for the storms, with pet owners also warned to look out for signs of storm phobia in their furry family members.

Dr Guy Weerasinghe, President of the Australian Veterinary Association’s Public Health special interest group, said that veterinarians often receive calls from concerned animal owners in the lead up to and during storms.

Signs of storm phobia can include panting, pacing, dilated pupils and licking lips, which may lead to animals hiding, self-harming or even running away. Triggers can include loud thunderclaps, flashes of lightning or a drop in barometric pressure.

“If your pet shows signs of storm phobia, contact your veterinarian to help create a storm plan and ensure your pet is microchipped.

“Unfortunately, with climate change exacerbating extreme weather, such impacts on our animals will only get worse as these weather events become more frequent and intense.”

Dr Weerasinghe said pet owners should be prepared for natural disasters, and the AVA recommends setting up a natural disaster kit with food, water and any medication the pet may require.

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