Sea monster washes up in NSW

A rather bizarre and unusual looking sea monster has washed ashore at Lake Macquarie, sending social media into a frenzy.

The unusual looking sea creature was spotted by passerby Ethan Tipper yesterday at Swansea, who uploaded a photo of it to his Facebook page captioned: “What the f — k is this?”.

The image has since been shared more than 1150 times, however no one has been able to pinpoint exactly what it is.


There are reports it may be a pike eel, however many believe it may be the work of photoshop.

If you believe you know what it is, let us know in the comments below!

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I was told a Hairtail so I looked it up-
Hairtail are one very interesting fish & a lot of fun to catch. they fight pretty good & are nice to eat also. There is something that gets you in about pulling fish in that are 1.5 to 2 meters long that are as shiny as a chrome bumper bar & have teeth that put most dogs to shame. Almost nothing is known about these fish. Once upon a time Cowan Creek was the only area these fish were caught & for one to be taken anywhere else even just a couple miles away in the main Hawkesbury system was most unusual. Now days they show up anywhere & everywhere.

I don’t believe it’s a hairtail as if you look at pictures of them, their head sinks down above the eye where this one seems to be higher like a crocodile or alligator. I also don’t think it’s a pike eel as some others have said for the same reason.

Its an over grown pike eel

It’s the wrong shape head for a pike eel.

Alligator gar??….

I believe man have found a dead dinasour. It may have lived in the sea but so did many dinasours. If this is real it should be reported to the right authorities so it can be examined

It’s a frilled shark that’s been washed in

It doesn’t look all that frilled to me 😉

Its a frilled shark.

It must have drifted in from the seas just outside of Fukushima…

It’s swansea… Enough said

It is a pike eel. I have photos of living pikes eels captured in the Hawkesbury to confirm this. It’s not that big either. The head IS the same shape as a pike eel and the teeth are identical. It has decomposed somewhat. It’s clearly identifiable as a pike eel.

It’s Nessy the Loch Ness monster – she must be lost

Definitely not photoshopped.
You can easily tell when something has been photoshopped.

It’s a crocodile fish see it on a fishing show in America !!

Found this on another article.

“The pike eel (Muraenesox bagio) is a species of eel found throughout the Indo-Pacific. In Australia, it is known in the southwest, in Western Australia, around the tropical north of the country, and south to the coast of New South Wales. The average pike eel grows to 1.8 metres (5 ft 11 in) in length and is usually active during the day.”

Could be a large long tom, someone look into that?

I reckon frilled shark

The body and the eye is that of a “Oar fish”, it’s a deep sea dweller. They wash up from time to time. The jaw of a croc has been photo shopped in.

Its Hairtail, they’re not an easy fish to catch and very rarely seen.

I think that this is a Glass Eel. I caught one about 6 foot long many years ago from the mid north Coast of nsw. I was told then that it was a glass eel.