Sea World closed due to power outage

SEA WORLD will remain closed for at least the rest of the day after power was cut to the Gold Coast theme park.

In a statement, park officials said an electrical issue had caused loss of the power to the property.

Onsite maintenance teams and external electricians are scrambling to restore power to the park as quickly as possible.


As a result of the outage, officials have confirmed the theme park will remain closed for the rest of the day.

At this stage, the park is expected to reopen on Monday, however pass holders are urged to check the park’s website for updates.

The outage is not affecting animal exhibits, with water and temperature control systems operating on backup generators.

It comes just a week after slides were left high and dry at Wet’n’Wild when an external pump failed, preventing water from getting into the park.

Hundreds of guests were left standing outside for more than an hour, waiting for the gates to open.

The issue, however, was fixed before too long and hot and bothered guests began pouring into the park about 11.30am.


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