Shock as big beauty brand collapses

Every Christmas, I get ready for my office Christmas party with a bit of a splurge: a trip to the beauty counter.

Napoleon Perdis is my beauty brand of choice, and when I front up there, I get my face perfectly painted by a professional make up artist for the princely sum of $85.

Then, I get to choose $85 worth of makeup to take with me. Winner winner chicken dinner!


To be honest, I splurge on this throughout the year as well. I don’t know why more women don’t do this before important events like weddings and Christmas parties, because you walk out of there feeling like a God damned Kardashian, but I digress…

Now, I see that my regular trips to get my make up moment on are under threat – as Napoleon Perdis has filed for administration.

Staff at the makeup chain’s 56 Aussie stores are now wondering about the future of their employment, as Simon Cathro, Chris Cook and Ivan Glavas of Worrells Solvency Accountants have been appointed as administrators.

Mr Perdis himself attempted to play down the events in a statement, writing:

“The brand is still in high demand from our customers and is more innovative than ever, so by restructuring the business in this manner, we believe, puts it in a prime position to continue to evolve through continued trade or in a sale.

“My family and I are 100 per cent committed to achieving the best outcome for all stakeholders. We are fortunate that throughout our business, we have staff and teams who have not only underpinned the business success but who are our extended family.

“Their unwavering contribution will undoubtedly pave the way for the successful and strategic trade on. As we work towards our goals, we ask customers, suppliers and other interested parties to continue with their valued support of the brand.”

That’s all a bunch of very fancy wording to disguise the real fact of the matter, which is: Napoleon Perdis is in some financial trouble.

The only silver lining for shoppers is that the stores are expected to launch into a fire sale, starting today.

Get in line, ladies! Perfect time to get a makeover for your Friday night shenanigans?

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