Shopper shamed for something we have probably all done

It’s something many of us are likely to have done at least once in our lifetime – dumping an unwanted item from your trolley in the wrong aisle.

A shopper has copped a barrage of abuse after dumping their deli item in the laundry aisle of a Coles supermarket.

A photo of the wrapped up seafood, which was abandoned on a shelf alongside a stack of laundry detergents, has gone viral after being posted to Reddit.


If you do this you’re a looney. from australia

Thankfully, the fresh product was found before turning foul. Perhaps the shopper may have been spared the shame online if they had misplaced a packet of lollies instead!

The viral photo has attracted plenty of attention online, with hundreds of Reddit users expressing their disgust at the shopper’s product placement.

“Lazy with a lack of empathy for big business,” one person wrote.

“What kind of person orders something from the deli, gets it all wrapped up, and then while looking at washing powder thinks ‘I don’t want this food anymore'” commented another.

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