Sink or swim: LNP floats free swimming lessons in $18m election promise

With summer just around the corner and backyard swimming pools being filled with splashing kids, the LNP has announced an election promise to woo Queensland parents.

Tim Nicholls has vowed to introduce a dedicated $18 million program to provide free swimming lessons for kids aged 1-4, if he wins the November 25 poll.

The Opposition Leader says the Get Swimming Bubs and Toddlers program will provide $150 vouchers to parents who enrolled their kids in swimming lessons with an accredited club.


“Given our climate and the need to cool off in summer, swimming is an important life skill for Queensland children,” Mr Nicholls said in a statement.

“Tragically, child drownings are still occurring in our backyard swimming pools, local waterways and dams,” he added.

It is anticipated that the $150 voucher would provide between eight and 10 lessons.

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