Woman thrown to the road after violent Southport robbery

A woman has been attacked after having her phone stolen during a violent robbery in Southport on Sunday.

It’s understood the woman was walking along Queen Street around 5.30pm when she was approached by a man.

The man is said to have snatched her mobile phone from her hand before running off to a nearby car.

The woman chased him to Owens Lane and tried to stop him by holding the steering wheel of the vehicle.

A female passenger in the car struck the woman as the vehicle drove along Owens Lane a short distance before the woman fell on to the roadway.

A 45-year-old woman from Southport was transported to Gold Coast University hospital with minor injuries.

The man is described as Caucasian in appearance, approximately 180cm tall, of a slim build with, black hair.

The vehicle is described as a small white hatchback.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.

Depp and Heard video an ‘education tool’?

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has agreed that a video released by Johnny Depp and wife Amber Heard should be used as an education tool.

The outspoken politician has again weighed in to the so-called ‘War on Terrier’, after Johnny Depp’s wife was sentenced in Southport Court on Monday.

Amber Heard was put on a one month Good Behaviour Bond and will pay $1000 if she breaks the law again, after pleading guilty to a charge of incorrectly filling out an incoming passenger card.

The charge related to her arrival at Brisbane Airport with dogs Pistol and Boo in April last year.  Their presence became public knowledge when a dog groomer posted photos of the pooches with their new haircuts on social media the following month.

At the time, then Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce declared that the two Yorkshire Terriers would have to “bugger off” back to the United States or be put down, sparking an angry reaction from Johnny.

Then on Tuesday morning Mr Joyce told Sunrise “we want to make sure that they clearly understand that they have to obey our biosecurity laws”.

“If those dogs had Rabies and there’s no reason why an actor’s dog is any less likely to carry Rabies than another dog if it’s coming from a nation that has Rabies within it or certainly next door to it as well then we’d have Rabies in our dogs, in our cats, in our bat population this would be absolutely disastrous for all our native wildlife and also the Australian people” My Joyce said.

He added that around 55,000 people die from Rabies around the world every year, so this is no joke.

My Joyce agreed a video of Depp and Heard showing remorse and talking about the importance of Australia’s quarantine laws should be used as an “education tool”.

But when asked by the Sunrise team if he had perhaps written their script he replied that “as far as me directing that atrocious movie – no – even I could have done a better job than that “.

He added with a laugh “do it again, do it again Johnny, do it with gusto mate, a bit of gusto, rise to the camera old trout”.

Mr Joyce refused to comment on the result of Ms Heard’s appearance in court.

The arrival of Ms Heard and her husband at Southport Court in a shiny black car sparked a frenzied reaction from reporters gathered outside.  They resembled a pack of Piranhas as they clambered for the best shot or a comment from the Hollywood couple.

Johnny and Amber sat next to each other in matching black suits, Amber with point toe black shoes and gold detail.  During the morning Johnny appeared serious in the courtroom, at one stage he reached for a pile of post it notes which were sitting in front of Amber’s legal team and doodled on the top sheet, before returning them to where he got them from.

After the case was adjourned the first time, Depp and Heard stood and looked at each other, Depp appeared to wipe tears from his eyes looking both solemn and supportive.

Outside the courtroom he was in a more jovial mood, laughing as a Journalist remarked that this was the most exciting thing to happen at Southport Court”.

The couple remained within the walls of the Courthouse while Depp’s bodyguard was seen being whisked away in a shiny black van, staff were spotted returning with flowers and a tray of food.

When the time came for Ms Heard to be sentenced the couple whispered to each other from time to time.  Johnny played nervously with the rings on his right hand while Amber affectionately played with his hair.

In the end Magistrate Bernadette Callaghan recognised that Ms Heard had followed the rules in the past, choosing to leave Pistol and Boo at home when she married Johnny in the Bahamas in February last year because the relevant paperwork hadn’t been filled out.

Magistrate Callaghan decided Ms Heard had been punished enough by the media scrutiny and the cost of travelling to Australia for the court appearance.  She was put on a $1000 Good Behaviour Bond and allowed to go on her way.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard on the Coast for court appearance

UPDATE @ 2.50pm: Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard has been put on a one-month good behaviour bond for falsifying border protection documents.

The American actress appeared in Southport Court on Monday alongside husband Johnny Depp.

The 29-year-old pleaded guilty to failing to declare her two dogs Pistol and Boo while arriving in Australia last year.

Two charges of illegally importing the dogs were dropped.

Heard’s lawyer provided the court with a video of the blonde beauty expressing her remorse over her actions.

No conviction was recorded.

EARLIER @ 12.30pm: Amber Heard’s dog smuggling case has been adjourned until 2.30pm.

The magistrate called for the break to read court submissions and documents, but reassured all parties a decision would be reached this afternoon.

EARLIER @ 9.30am: Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard has pleaded guilty to falsifying border protection documents.

Heard’s lawyer has provided the court with a video of the 29-year-old expressing her remorse over her actions.

The two illegal importation charges have been dropped.

The case has been adjourned until 11.00am, while the magistrate reads over documents.

EARLIER @ 9.00am: Hollywood star Johnny Depp and his model wife Amber Heard have been greeted by a large media scrum while arriving at Southport Court this morning.

Depp’s wife Amber Heard is due to be tried over claims she illegally brought their two pooches into Australia while Depp was filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

The 29-year-old actress plans to plead guilty to two counts of breaching Australia’s quarantine laws.

The Southport Courtroom is so packed, police have been forced to stop media from entering.

The matter is due to be resolved during a three hour hearing.

WATCH: Depp and Heard arriving at Southport Court



EARLIER @ 6.29am: Hollywood royalty has reportedly arrived on the Gold Coast for a court appearance.

Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard is due to be tried over claims she illegally brought their two pooches into Australia while Depp was filming Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gold Coast dog groomers Happy Dogz posted images on social media of Pistol and Boo with their fancy new hairdos, which sparked the interest of authorities in May last year.

Heard, who turns 30 on Friday, is facing two counts of breaching Australia’s quarantine laws.

At the time, then-Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce threatened to have the dogs put down if they didn’t “bugger off” back to the US.

Depp is expected to be called as a witness after media reports suggested the pair had flown in to the Gold Coast on Sunday.

Man hit by car

A man has been hit by a car in Southport.

The victim, in his 20s, broke his leg in the accident on University Drive at 9:11pm on Wednesday night.

He was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital.

House fire breaks out in Southport

A home has caught alight in Southport.

The blaze on Sungold Avenue was reported at around 11:19pm on Wednesday night.

Paramedics treated one person for smoke inhalation on the scene.