WATCH: Stolen car leads cops on two hour long chase through SE Qld

Police have released dramatic vision of stolen vehicle leading officers on a high speed pursuit through Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich on Saturday night.

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Police say the stolen vehicle had been involved in a number of dangerous driving incidents across Brisbane before coming to the attention of officers in Logan at around 10.45pm.

PolAir started tracking the vehicle from above as it allegedly lead ground units on a wild two-hour chase across the south and north side of Brisbane.

PHOTO: Supplied by PolAir

PHOTO: Supplied by PolAir

It’s alleged the vehicle sped through several red lights and on the wrong side of busy streets and major motorways before entering Ipswich around 12.50am and striking a tyre deflation device on the Centenary Highway at Yamanto.

Police said the vehicle continued to drive on its rims along Ipswich-Boonah Road before eventually coming to a stop around 1.15am.

PHOTO: Supplied by PolAir

PHOTO: Supplied by PolAir

Two men, aged 21 and 24, were arrested and taken into custody.

They were still assisting police with their enquiries on Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately, no one was injured during the chase.

WATCH: Gold Coast blokes hailed heroes after foiling robbery and confronting thieves


Two ordinary Aussie blokes are today being hailed as heroes after filming the moment they foiled a late-night robbery on the Gold Coast and confronted the thieves head-on.

James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen were walking home along the Gold Coast Highway at Arundel during the early hours of Saturday morning after a night out with mates when they stumbled across the crime in progress.


Mr Ross-Munroe had just “busted a plugga” (broken a thong) at a bus stop near the intersection with Marble Arch Place when he and Mr Wiblen noticed a white Holden Commodore pull into the United service station behind them.

The pair thought the vehicle was undercover police, but no one was prepared for what was about to happen next.

Oporto 1

Two men jumped out of the Commodore – which had no registration plates – and tried smashing their way into a closed Oporto burger shop next-door to the service station.

With his phone camera already rolling, Mr Wiblen filmed as his mate, Mr Ross-Munroe raced over to the thieve’s getaway car and yanked the keys from the ignition.

After yelling for the nearby service station attendant to call police, the bandits reappeared and jumped back in the car.

After realising the keys were missing, the driver jumped back out and took off on foot, but Mr Ross-Munroe wasn’t giving up without a fight.

He leapt into the car through the opened driver’s side door and tried to detain the passenger, but he too managed to get away.

PHOTO: Google Maps

PHOTO: Google Maps

Following their encounter, the pair immediately posted the vision to Facebook from where it has since gone viral, saying, “the moment we caught two blokes breaking into Oportos Arundel, they ran inside so I took their keys out of the ignition.”

“When the driver came back to the car he realised his keys were missing, the passenger jumped in and I managed to land a few punches.

“I chased them but because I’m fat they got away.”

Police are investigating the incident and have confirmed the white Holden Commodore had been stolen.

Detectives have reportedly questioned a man, however no charges had been laid at the time of writing.

Anyone with any information that could assist police with their investigation is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.


Heartwarming video shows commuters giving Christmas presents to complete strangers

Christmas is about giving, not receiving. That’s the message British TV Channel Christmas 24 wanted to spread this festive season.

To do so, the Channel set up a huge Christmas-themed phone box with a sign offering free presents in Birmingham’s Grand Central Station.

In a video shared on YouTube, people who approach the phone box can be seen receiving a call from a mystery person.

They are then distributed a present, but in a twist, are told they aren’t allowed to keep it. Instead, they are instructed to hand the gift over to a stranger in the station.

People are of course shocked to be chased down by a random stranger offering them a gift, but are soon overwhelmed by the act of kindness.

See some of the heartwarming reactions in the video below:

VIDEO: Men shaking their booty in Christmas boxers will make your day!

A video of men shaking their booty dressed in festive boxers has resurfaced in the lead up to Christmas.

The 2013 Kmart commercial is once again doing the rounds on social media, frankly because it’s pretty funny.

In the clip, the men appear to be dressed in tuxedos standing behind a curtain, but when it is whisked away it reveals the men are only wearing boxer shorts.

The men then squat down and begin shaking their booties to the song “Jingle Bells.”

The commercial caused a bit of controversy when it aired back in 2013, as the typical interpretation is that the men’s testicles swinging in their shorts is what is creating the bell sounds.

Still, every year, many enjoy having a giggle at the clip. Check it out below:



VIDEO: Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon do hilarious celebrity impersonations

She might be one of the funniest women on the planet, but Tina Fey doesn’t think she is good at impersonations.

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the pair played ‘First Impressions’ where they had to do on-the-spot imitations of well known stars.

Tina’s impersonation of Sofia Vergara was a definite highlight, with the funny woman joking afterwards that she was a long way off being able to match the Colombian actress’ ample breasts.

Tina yelled: “I can’t even push them together to make one good one!”

Watch the Tina and Jimmy play the game in the video below: