The truth about Lisa Wilkinson’s skincare range

I was doing a little late night social media scrolling when I was shocked to learn that Lisa Wilkinson had quit The Project.

I was even MORE shocked to discover the reason she was leaving the role: because she’d launched a new anti-aging skincare range and it was going so well, so didn’t have enough time for a TV career and a burgeoning business.

Lisa? Skincare range? Come again?


Her skin is legit flawless and she looks like a goddess, so I wondered if this could be true… but something didn’t sound right, so I did a little more research. That’s when I learnt it was a total lie.

Lisa has never had a skincare range, but sneaky online marketers have masqueraded as her to drive sales of bogus skincare products.

The scam has been running since she left the TODAY show, which is when Lisa tweeted: “This is complete BS! It is a scam. DO NOT hit link & DO NOT give them credit card details.”

Hilariously, for anyone who reads that far, the product description is a dead giveaway: “If you have a face and your face has skin, Final Skin will work for you.”

No doubt.

A few months ago, Carrie Bickmore got targeted by the same crap: “SCAM WARNING. If you see articles or fake ads popping up on your social media feeds saying I am leaving The Project to focus on my FACE CREAM/BEAUTY BUSINESS please ignore and DO NOT click on the link to purchase the product. It’s a scam and they will take your money. Very sneaky,” she posted.

And just this week, Chrissy Teigen has slammed weight-loss company Keto Fit Premium for exploiting her image and brand to flog quick fix diet pills.

Never backwards in coming forwards, she wrote: “Whatever KETO FIT PREMIUM is, I will sue the sh*t out of you. Stop making up interviews about your sh*t product with fake celebrity endorsements. we have reached out and you’re still going?? F*ck you.”

The problem is – and the reason we tend to believe these false endorsement claims – is because so many celebs and influencers will sell just about anything to their followers for a decent pay day (remember the furore when Kim K promoted weight loss lollypops?)

It just goes to show, you can never trust much of what you read online. Who would have thought?!

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Andy Wang
Andy Wang

Lisa Wilkinson leaves the project. Good ridance. Too serious, light weight. Either she is waiting to take over Deb Knight or she really believes she has created something, I don’t believe has has a degree on anto aging creams.Don’t think so??

Most guys are off Today. The ladies aren’t enertaining, boring and too much me too. FEMINISTS!


I feel like you didn’t read the article… (the words above yours)


Liz and her previous mate Karl Re both v e ry much has beens

Mrs Colleen F Green

Saw exactly the same headlines about Sam Armytage leaving Sunrise (today is her last day – about 7 weeks ago) to concentrate on her skin care range , and then Kylie (can’t remember her surnane) leaving the Morning Show for same reasons about 3 weeks after that. I was caught by a Christie Brinkley skin care products. Scammers all of them.


Yep I got sucked in with the same product but it was Sonia Kruger who was promoting it.
They are scammers…I bought the cream for like $2.90 then when they send the product they send you an invoice saying your card will be direct debited every month in the amount of $150!!!
I was so Angry!!
Buyer beware!

kayleen hile
kayleen hile

i got sucked in as well. there’s a number nxt to the transaction on your card statement…i rang it on the off chance and it was a 1800 # (to America of course). managed to wrangle back 30% refund but still so f****ing angry. Why aren’t these ‘celebs”? suing these people and getting our $ back for us