Top 10 fattest professions in Australia

Work in one of these industries? Chances are your more likely to be overweight, according to a new report released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics commissioned by Jenny Craig.

Research found men with jobs in mining, transport and even real estate are fatter than those who worked in accommodation or food services.

Meanwhile women in transport, postal and warehousing had larger waistlines than females who work in professional, scientific and technical services.


So how does your industry stack up against the others?

Here are the top 10 sectors with The Most Overweight Or Obese Employees:

1. Mining 78.2%

2. Transport, postal and warehousing 74.8%

3. Wholesale trade 69.7%

4. Agriculture, forestry and fishing 69.3%

5. Public administration and safety 68.4%

6. Manufacturing 67.3%

7. Financial and insurance services 65.2%

8. Construction 64.5%

9. Electricity, gas, water and waste services 64.3%

10. Rental, hiring and real estate services 63.7%

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