Tweed Mayor shocked at amount of locals outside, pleading “stay home NOW”

The Tweed Mayor has pleaded with the local community to stay home wherever possible, outraged that people are still out and about.

Mayor Katie Milne says only essential workers and those making vital trips to the supermarket should be around at the moment, as the state battles to contain the spread of coronavirus.

It comes just a day after Queensland shut the border to New South Wales, to limit the chances of community transmission crossing into Queensland.


Mayor Milne has even backed calls to have the border blocked the toehr way as well, to stop Queenslanders coming into New South Wales.

She says the Tweed Shire needs to be vigilant.

“I can’t believe how many people are still out in Tweed. Only people who need to go to work should be out now,” Cr Milne said.

“Nurses and doctors around the world are calling on people to stay home with the message, ‘I stay at work for you, please stay at home for us’.

“We must be even more vigilant in our Shire. We have 32 per cent of our residents aged over 60 and 4.4 per cent of residents are Aboriginal – they are all in the vulnerable category,” she said. (Health authorities have said some people have an increased risk of contracting respiratory illnesses, including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent).

“We also have an international airport on our doorstep with the added risks that brings and hospital facilities that were already stretched.

“Young people are not immune. In NSW, five children under nine years of age are infected, 31 in the 10-19 age bracket, and 230 in the 20-29 age bracket – which has the highest number of infections – and young people are dying around the world.

“All Tweed residents need to think about their loved ones and take this virus extremely seriously.

“There are no general shortages of food products in those countries badly affected around the world, such as China, Italy, Korea or Japan, so people can stop worrying about stocking up.

“It was probably a good idea for residents to stock up for a few weeks so we don’t have to go out for a while but there doesn’t appear to be any need to stockpile for months.

“Every product has been touched by numerous hands in the manufacture, packaging, and supply chains so you may be putting yourself at risk every time you shop.

“Remember to care for one another at this time. It’s Neighbour Day on Sunday which is a great reminder at this time to please phone your neighbours regularly, particularly the elderly and vulnerable, to check if they are OK but keep your distance for their sake,” she said.

For more information on Tweed’s response to the virus, click here.

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Grammar education
Grammar education

A newsworthy article but English! English! Journos should be the bastion of correct English!
There cannot be an “Amount of locals”. That would mean kilograms or litres of locals. Monique, you mean 1,2,..500…1000’s of locals. That’s a NUMBER, not an amount. Same for reporting on people, footy fans, accidents, students, etc. For these things write “…the number of locals…the large number of locals…so many locals” …not “amount”. ” Big amount of locals”??


The problem is that there is so much mis information out there is just mind boggling. The media and so called health authorities tell us to only wear a mask if your sick as wearing a mask when not infected does nothing to stop you getting infected. I’m telling all who read this that if we all would wear a mask and gloves when out and about that this would slow down infection to our population and stop it spreading. Also when you get home take all your cloths of and put them straight in the washing then go have… Read more »

B Johnson
B Johnson

Since when is Cr Milne the Mayor of Tweed Heads. there is no such thng as the mayor of Tweed Heads. Please learn to report and write factual information and news articles.


Why aren’t our Defence Forces and Reserves being used to enforce the ‘stay at home’ rule?


Lee I think the same as you, To me it’s like the government want this to spread look at the US they did nothing now paying the price.
If we do the same by my calculations by April 5 there will be
20,000 Australians infected.
So Dumb!!