Unemployment down, but full virus effects still to be felt

There’s been a surprise drop in Australia’s unemployment rate with the full impact of coronavirus yet to ripple through the job market.

Unemployment fell 0.2 per cent in February to 5.1 per cent.

Almost 27,000 new jobs were created in February, including 20,000 part time positions.


Queensland recorded the highest jump in new jobs, with 14,300 positions created in February.

The unemployment rate in the Sunshine State slumped from 6.2 per cent to 5.6 per cent.

New South Wales saw a slight increase from 4.5 per cent to 4.6 per cent while South Australia also rose 0.1 point to 5.8 per cent.

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The unemployment rate fell by 0.1 point in Victoria (5.3%), 0.8 points in Tasmania (5.0%) and 0.6 points  in Western Australia (5.2%),

Experts warn today’s good news will not last, with the jobless rate set to soar over coming months as workers are laid off because of coronavirus.

There are predictions half a million Australians will lose their jobs.

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