Warning after Aussie woman busted with fake designer bags from Bali

Anyone looking to buy a designer bag or purse online is being urged to be vigilant, after an Australian woman was caught with more than 100 fake designer bags in her luggage after returning from Bali.

Border Force Officers were inspecting the woman’s luggage at Perth International Airport on March 6, when they discovered 129 bags, purses and backpacks, which were mostly Mimco and Louis Vuitton copies.

In Australia, registered trademarks protect Mimco and Louis Vuitton brands.


The 31-year-old Hobart woman told officers that the bags were “presents for family and friends”, however the border force officers suspect she was planning to sell them online.

They detained the bags and issued a seizure notice to the woman on 13 March, with all of the items now being disposed of.

PHOTO: ABF Newsroom

Interestingly, the ABF says handbags are among the most commonly seized counterfeit and pirated goods at the border, along with mobile phones and accessories, car parts, clothing, shoes, DVDs, watches and toys.

Some of the counterfeit bags seized by ABF officers

ABF Assistant Secretary for Customs and Trade Policy, Matthew Duckworth, issued a warning about buying counterfeit or pirated goods.

“Consumers can do their part to help combat counterfeiting by not purchasing from unofficial sites or sources and by taking care not to bring pirated goods back into Australia when returning from overseas,” Assistant Secretary Duckworth said.

“Counterfeit and pirated goods not only rob legitimate businesses of income, they threaten the livelihoods of Australian workers, and, in some cases, pose real health and safety risks.”

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