WATCH: Heartwarming moment girl asks man who raised her to adopt her

PHOTO: Misty Nicole Knight / Facebook
WATCH: Heartwarming moment girl asks man who raised her to adopt her

Video of the heartwarming moment a young woman surprises the man who raised her by asking him to become her father is going viral online.

Misty Nicole Knight shared the emotional video on her Facebook page in early March.

In the clip, Misty reduces Ryan Farrell to tears by including adoption papers inside a box for his birthday, accompanied by a sweet letter.


“I just want you to know that you are the most amazing man I have ever met,” she wrote.

“You’ve raised me my whole life, from putting my hair in tight Princess Leia buns, forging my signature in fifth grade, jamming out to alternative music, going on Warped Tour and even our first rock concert together.

“I know we are so weird together, but that’s what makes you you and I can’t imagine not having you in my life.

“I’m so grateful to be able to call you dad.”


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