WATCH: Hooded teens cause thousands of dollars in damage at Gold Coast golf club

A gang of hooded teenagers have gone on rampage at a Gold Coast golf club causing thousands of dollars of damage.

Staff at Coplicks Tallebudgera Golf Course have arrived at work to see all 16 of their golf carts strewn across the course, with several of them written-off.

It’s believed a group of seven youths cut through chain wire fencing to gain access to the course, then cut the locks protecting the Golf Buggies around 10pm.


They then spent the night joy-riding all of the buggies around the course, writing many of them off.

In CCTV footage obtained by myGC, the hooded youths can be seen entering the course via the Tallebudgera side around 10pm.

George Coplicks, Manager of Tallebudgera Golf Coast, says they’re unsure of the extent of the damage but they’re facing between $50,000 and $120,000 in repairs.

“We’ve got 13 buggies that are un-driveable, four are definitely written off, and when you’re talking golf buggies, you’re talking seven to ten grand a golf buggy,” Mr Coplicks told myGC.

PHOTO | Provided by Coplicks Tallebudgera Golf Course

PHOTO | Provided by Coplicks Tallebudgera Golf Course

Despite the damage to almost all of the buggies, the Golf Course has all hands on deck today trying to repair the greens and bunkers that were also ruined.

“My greenskeepers are out their doing a great job, they’re repairing everything they can.

“We’ve got 5 bunkers that are wrecked, from them jumping  the buggies through the bunkers.

“There’s also six or eight greens that they’ve been doing skids on, that they’re out there repairing at the moment.

“We’re definitely still open, but yeah – it’s not as good as it normally is,” Mr Coplicks said.

PHOTO | Provided by Coplicks Tallebudgera Golf Course

PHOTO | Provided by Coplicks Tallebudgera Golf Course

PHOTO | Provided by Coplicks Tallebudgera Golf Course

It will be at least a month until the buggies are all operational again, which is expected to drastically affect the courses’ income.

“A lot of our members are seniors, who rely on golf buggies to get out and have their exercise and get on the course with our members and they won’t be able to.

“We had to turn a lot of the senior members down today, because they couldn’t get out there and they’ve all gone home because they cant walk the course.

“Everyone’s very upset, angry even.

“Most of our members are retirees and they already don’t like the generation coming up and I think this instils that a bit more, which is unfortunate,” Mr Coplick said.

According to Mr Coplicks, Police have spend the morning investigating, and have found evidence that could lead them to the culprits.

“Police came out first thing this morning, they’re sending their crime team out.

“They’ve found a few belongings that have been left on the course, and they’re hoping they belong to the youths who did this and they’re going to do some finger printing and things like that and hopefully it leads somewhere,” Mr Coplicks said.

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