WATCH: Mayor Tom Tate warns beaches will close if social distancing rules are ignored

Mayor Tom Tate has warned he will close Gold Coast beaches if people continue to disregard the two-person gathering and social distancing rules.

“The premier and I are one on that. If people can’t help themselves, Ill have no choice,” he said at a press conference today.

“For those people who are breaking ranks, you are forcing the hand for me to call on closing the beach. That’s taking the essence of Gold Coast away. Don’t be the one to do that.”


While beaches remain open at this stage, the Mayor encouraged locals to think twice before hitting the sand.

“I am sticking with the Prime Minister’s message – stay at a home – I don’t want to deviate from that,” he said.

“I understand Gold Coasters love the beach and if you must go, keep the two metre distance.

“We have 42 kilometres of beach, there is plenty of room for everyone for social distancing.”

The Mayor said council will get police involved if people are seen to be gathering at beaches and parks.

“When there is a congregation of people together, we will get the police there,” he said.

“You are letting the community down and you are really curtailing the Australian way of life. It’s so selfish, and it is the wrong thing to do.”

Mayor Tate also urged people to stop using the gym equipment at local parks.

“You can do your exercise, do your pushups and stretch – you do not need to use the gym equipment or our playgrounds please.”

Watch Mayor Tom Tate and Chief Lifeguard Warren Young’s full announcement below:


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John Gramaccioni

Please Tom Tate get on board with educating the community around the beach rules. Get signage up, get messaging up on your site and socials. Do not under estimate how important the beaches are to the community’s well-being. People need clear messaging – go to the beach have a swim, run or surf them go home. Anything else is unacceptable including sunbakign or groups over 2 people (family excluded). Don’t just threaten to close it down because of a minority. More so than ever before the beach represents normality for our children, it’s a place of solace for many, a… Read more »


Fine fine fine the offenders. That’s the fair way. I see these gaggles of girls and women that insist on walking in groups. Or drinking together at the park, these 50 something women. Punish them directly. Hit them where it hurts. In their pockets!!! Not us!!