Water restrictions lifted in Tyalgum after weekend downpour

Water restrictions in Tyalgum have been completely lifted after heavy rain fell across the region on the weekend.

The village was on Level 4 restrictions before the weekend, but the rain has topped up the newly refurbished weir.

Tweed Council has thanked Tyalgum residents for their efforts to conserve water during the restrictions.


But they’ve been warned that they could easily be facing water shortages again in the future.

“You have experienced how close we came to the reality of running out of water,” Water and Wastewater Manager Anthony Burnham told residents in a letter.

“We know that the drought has not broken and without further follow-up rain the river will fall again.

“While restrictions no longer apply, we encourage you to continue your good habits and keep taking action to make our limited water supply last as long as possible.”

Mr Burnham says what happened in Tyalgum could easily happen across the rest of shire.

“For Tyalgum residents the water crisis became an inescapable reality because the dry weir at the edge of the village was in clear view. The harsh reality of no water was visible.

“We need to paint that picture for all Tweed residents – the reality is we can run out of water.”

Level 2 restrictions remain in place across the rest of the Tweed after Level 3 restrictions were delayed.

The weekend storms saw dam levels rise allowing tougher restrictions to be put off for at least 10 weeks.

Mr Burnham is urging residents to continue to do their best to conserve water.

“Enjoy the respite the rain has provided but do not lose sight of the fact that we are still on water restrictions and your water saving efforts will determine just how long we can stick to Level 2 and avoid the real pain of the harsher level 3 and 4 restrictions,” he said.

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