Member for Tweed Geoff Provest at Fingal Heads

“We are not open for your Easter holidays” Tweed MP tells tourists to stay away

TWEED MP Geoff Provest has told Queenslanders and Sydneysiders considering an Easter holiday in the Tweed they need to cancel their plans, warning the region is not open for business.

The Nationals MP said there is growing concerns that people from the cities would be heading to the area, believing they are safer and there are fewer restrictions.

“The Tweed will not tolerate coronavirus tourism. Non-essential travel, and that definitely includes holidaying, is now against the law,” Mr Provest said.


“Now that international visitors are forcefully quarantined, the main concern is community transmission and that happens when people travel.”

Australians are being urged to stay at home unless they are shopping for essentials, are receiving medical care, are undertaking daily exercise or attending work or school.

Mr Provest said that to slow the spread people need to stay 1.5 metres away from others, cancel social gatherings, wash their hands frequently and to self-isolate if they are sick.

“That is the only way we’ll beat this thing, that is the only way life will get back to normal,” Mr Provest said.

The border between New South Wales and Queensland remains open heading south, something Tweed Mayor Katie Milne is looking to change.

Ms Milne has written to NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian asking for the region to be shut off immediately to better protect residents.

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