“We can’t afford it”: Pauline Hanson’s push to stop Qld Olympics bid

One National Leader Pauline Hanson has launched a campaign against a Queensland bid for the 2032 Olympics, describing it as ‘irresponsible’ and a ‘waste of money’.

Senator Hanson’s opposition to the Games will be made clear with more than 50 bright orange billboards to be put up across the State.

They will have the simple message – “2032 Brisbane Olympics, regional Queensland says NO”.


Senator Hanson says people in regional Queensland don’t want the Olympics, and the money could be better spent.

“Queensland is now in debt to the tune of about$90 billion and we’re talking 12 years down the track,” Senator Hanson told the Nine Network.

“We can’t afford it because we cant even afford water for Queensland. I’ve got townships (like) Stanthorpe – no water, now you cant tell me that we can afford to put on the Olympics.”

Hosting the 2032 Games in Queensland is estimated to create an additional 129,000 jobs in construction, retail and tourism and pump a massive $10 billion into the economy.

Pauline Hanson is launching more than 50 billboards across QLD against a 2032 Olympics bid.

But Senator Hanson says the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games were a failure, and an Olympics would be too.

“It didn’t work, look at the Commonwealth Games we had in Queensland, they were flat out selling tickets to it and they were giving tickets away and it was a failure as far as I am concerned.

“Businesses on the Gold Coast and the people actually complained because they didn’t have the people coming into to support their business, the locals were not happy at all.

“Even how Peter Beattie ran it was ridiculous.”

Senator Hanson argued the Games bid was more about buying votes.

“We have  incompetent governments that have no regard for taxpayers’ dollars in this State and where the money goes.

“It’s alright to grandstand about it but they won’t be around in 12 years time.”

“I’ve spoken to people in regional and rural areas of Queensland, they don’t want it, and they’re sick and tired of seeing everything go to south east Queensland.

“It’s not fair on the State, it’s not fair on the people in rural and regional areas.

“Let’s do the projects that we can put the money into to benefit the people of Australia and Queensland.”

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colleen lowe
colleen lowe

wonder if we get to know how much ‘ 50 bright orange billboards’ cost ? and who pays for them , waste of money, stupid idea