You can now get Bundaberg Ginger Beer flavoured gelato

You know Summer has well and truly arrived when Bundaberg Ginger Beer flavoured gelato is on the ice-cream menu.

Popular gelato chain Gelatissimo has teamed up with iconic Aussie brand Bundaberg Brewed Drinks to create the refreshing flavour, which they say “encapsulates the Aussie summer”.

“Bundaberg Ginger Beer Gelato is a thirst-quenching gelato made with Australia’s favourite craft brewed Ginger Beer with enough fizz to cool you right down,” Gelatissimo says.


“Whether you’re currently trapped at work during this Aussie heatwave, putting a shrimp on the barbie or tanning away at the beach, a scoop (or 2 😉) of this flavour is guaranteed to bring about a soothing relief!”

The all-new Bundaberg Ginger Beer Gelato is available in all 46 stores across the country for a limited time only, so get in quick!

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