1.9M Qld households to receive $50 discount on power bill

ALMOST two million Queensland Households will receive a $50 discount on their next power bill thanks to the Qld Government’s $2 billion Affordable Energy Plan.

The $50 credits will start rolling out today, with home owners, tenants, customers who receive a power bill from their landlord or body corporate, and customers in communities with card-operated meters set to benefit.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said the $50 annual asset ownership dividend is the first of two annual payments, made possible because of the Queensland public’s ownership of the state’s power assets.


“We can return these dividends from these power business because their owners are the people of Queensland,” Dr Lynham said.

“I strongly encourage Queenslanders to check their next power bill for the line item showing the $50 credit.

The $50 dividend will be applied automatically by all electricity retailers across Queensland in 2018 and again in 2019.

“We understand the cost of living pressures faced by all Queenslanders, especially our most vulnerable who will benefit the most,” Dr Lynham said.

Queensland Council of Social Service CEO Mark Henley said any bill relief was vital to low-income households.

“Electricity is one of the most significant household expenses people have. Low-income households are really impacted by the cost of electricity because there is little or no disposable income to absorb the huge cost,”  Mr Henley said.

“It is great that this dividend is automatic for every account holder. It is really important that people who do receive power bills from their landlord or body corporate and those who pay though a card- operated meter contact their retailer to make sure they receive the dividend.”

Eligible Queensland pensioners and seniors also receive a $340 annual electricity rebate.

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So with 4.6 million people in Queensland, why doesn’t the average renter get the discount or am I reading that all wrong?

4.5 million people live in 1.9 million properties dummy.

Got my bill today and guess what , no discount is it this bill or the next or is just a ploy from the government to think they are looking after us , JOKE I

I noticed a $50 credit applied to my Alinta account, so it should show on my next bill.

Alinta is a Hong Kong based company. I would try Origin for a better deal.