1 in 3 Aussie’s expected to buy a ticket into tonight’s $100 MILLION Powerball draw

Could you imagine having a cool $100 million in your pocket?

Well, that could soon be the reality for one lucky person… with a whopping $100 million up for grabs in tonight’s potentially life-changing Powerball draw!

The jackpot is the second largest prize ever offered by an Australian lottery game and only the third time it’s been offered in the game’s 23-year history.


It comes after no one held the division one winning entry in last week’s draw, prompting the game to jackpot for the seventh consecutive week.

The Lott spokesperson Ally Ramsamy said Aussies had only hours to secure their chance to win the mind-blowing prize, with one-in-three Australian adults expected to buy an entry.

“The draw closes at 7:30pm this evening so players have only a few precious hours to get an entry into tonight’s draw for the chance to become a multi-millionaire,” she said.

“Within a matter of hours, we could be crowning 2019’s ninth Powerball division one winner.

“In recent big jackpot draws we have seen an increase in Powerball players purchasing their tickets on the day of the draw.”

Ms Ramsamy revealed the busiest times for people buying their tickets online or instore are around 1pm, 5pm and in the 60 minutes leading up to the draw closing.

“In fact, for last week’s big Powerball draw the peak of sales on the day was at 4:52pm when 3646 tickets were sold instore and online in 60 seconds,” she revealed.

“It’s no coincidence this is when many Aussies are on their work lunch break or heading home from work dreaming about what their lives would look like if they became an overnight multi-millionaire.

“One thing is for sure, if they scored division one, they might never have to go to work again.”

The $100 million Powerball draw closes at 7:30pm AEST tonight… Good luck!