1 in 3 vegetarians eat meat when drunk

I knew it!

There’s no way to resist the call of juicy, greasy food when you’re three sheets to the wind – even if you’re a vegetarian.

A new report confirms that the temptation can be just too great, as around 1 in 3 vegetarians (or 37%) admit to scoffing down a cheeky cheeseburger or beefy kebab at 2 in the morning, after a night on the booze.


Funnier still was the confessions of how often they ate meat – respondents who disclosed that they had eaten meat when drunk confirmed that it happened…

  • Every time they are drunk – 34%
  • Fairly often – 26%
  • Rarely – 22%
  • Occasionally – 18%

Drinking alcohol, of course, encourages everyone to lose their inhibitions. I just didn’t realise it encouraged them to change their entire belief systems, too!

I asked my partner about this, as he’s been a card-carrying vegetarian for 13 years. He doesn’t any eat meat whatsoever – or fish, or any kind of seafood. He’s a legit vegetarian. Save for that one time when we were travelling through Europe and we had forgotten to order him vegetarian meals on a plan journey, so it was a ham sandwich or nothing on a 7-hour flight (he picked the ham off and ate a butter sandwich), I’ve never seen him eat anything resembling meat since he made the decision to go vego.

That doesn’t mean, I’ve realised, that he hasn’t had a sneaky bite or two without me!

“Do you ever get tempted to sneak in a cheeseburger after you’ve had a few drinks?” I asked him.

“Or, even better – have you ever had a craving for an egg and bacon roll the next morning?!”

He admitted to sneaking in a bite of steak, once, a few years ago, just to see if he enjoyed it. “It tasted fleshy,” he said.

He’s never once scarfed down any meat product whilst under the influence, he says, but only because he no longer enjoys the taste.

Except Macca’s cheeseburgers, that is.

“I ask for it without the meat, and add chips to it, or I order an Egg McMuffin with no bacon,” he says. “Best 2am snack you’ll ever taste – and a great hangover cure, too.”