10 drivers arrested, seven cars seized in major crackdown on city “hoons”

FOUR drivers have been charged and seven cars seized by police in a major crackdown on hoons in Melbourne.

Covert anti-hoon taskforce Afectar was formed earlier this year to stamp out the increased number of organised “hoon meetings” across the city’s northwestern suburbs.

In recent weeks, officers have arrested 10 alleged hoon drivers and seized seven vehicles.


So far, four of those arrested have been charged, of whom three remain behind bars.

Acting Inspector Paul Berry said police had no tolerance for people who engaged in deliberate, risky behaviour at hoon meets.

“This taskforce has made numerous arrests targeting those who we believe were involved in the organisation of hoon meetings across Melbourne’s north west,” he said.

“These significant arrests in combination with our well-tested capacity to disrupt hoon events as they occur will have ongoing benefits to community safety.”

Acting Inspector Berry said anyone taking part in hoon meets was risking not only their lives but the lives of others.

“Police will continue to work with the community to identify, disrupt and apprehend anyone taking part in this kind of dangerous behaviour on our roads,” he said.