Gold Coast police catch 31 drink and drug drivers in 10 hours

THIRTY-ONE people have been caught driving under the influence of either alcohol or drugs in the space of just 10-hours on the Gold Coast.

The drivers were busted during Quebec Blue Strike, a high-visibility traffic operation which ran from Thursday afternoon through until 2am on Friday.

The operation saw officers out in force, targeting drink and drug driving, life endangering offences and crash hot spots in an effort to reduce road trauma.


In total, officers performed 3254 roadside drug and alcohol tests. Of these drivers, 16 were found to be drunk, while a further 15 tested positive to drugs.

Police also issued 77 traffic infringement notices and performed 58 street checks.

Inspector Bruce Kuhn from Gold Coast District Police said that it was astounding that drivers continued to ignore the warnings and drive their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or testing positive to drugs.

“Driving on our road is a responsibility. To even consider driving while under the influence is beyond foolhardy and an incredibly selfish act. You could potentially become involved in a crash and hurt or kill yourself or another road user.

“I want to be clear that these type of operations will be continuing in some form or another across the Gold Coast so if you do drink or take drugs and drive, be prepared to be caught and face the full extent of the law,” said Inspector Kuhn.