Should 10-year marriage contracts be allowed?

A Sydney couple has decided to redefine their idea of marriage by taking the phrase ‘til death do us part’ out of their wedding vows.

It’s not all that uncommon to ditch this slightly morbid wording from vows, but their reasoning for doing – a belief that promising each other ‘forever’ would put pressure on their marriage – is a little ridiculous.

Isn’t that the whole point of marriage… to commit to each other, for now and forever? So you can draw support and encouragement from your wedding vows and your commitment, in good times and especially in bad?


“It’s not to go against the sanctity of marriage, but [it’s about] honouring our right to make our own rules,” bride Casey Beros told Daily Mail Australia.

“It’s something we talked about in depth throughout our relationship, and in the lead-up to the big day.”

You have to give them points for talking about it, I guess. Though, seriously, same sex couples cop a lot of flak for allegedly disrupting the ‘sanctity of marriage’. Am I the only one who things straight couples are doing a pretty good job of messing this up already?

You have to wonder about this. I mean, if you’re going to cast some shadow over the concept of ‘forever’, then what’s the point in getting married? Why not just continue co-habitating as partners, without the pressure of forever hanging about your head?

But what do I know?

Relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein says there might be something in all of this ‘forever, maybe’ talk.

She recently heard about a couple in the United States who signed a 10-year marriage contract. Apparently at the nine-year-mark, the couple will sit down and discuss the last decade. Depending on where they both stand, they’ll either make a new marriage contract or amicably split.

“If there was more social acceptance from society and we did have more encouragement to create our own rules and marriages, maybe we’d see a decrease in the amount of divorces,” Goldstein says.

What do you think? Should 10-year marriage contracts be allowed?