101 Y O woman inspires with win at World Masters in NZ

A 101 year old from India has taken out the 100 metre sprint at the World Masters Games in New Zealand.  The only catch is, she was the only person in her age category.

Professional world-class sprinters can cover the distance in around 10 or 11 seconds, recreational athletes would normally take 13-15 seconds.

But Man Kaur completed the distance in nothing short of 1 minute and 14.58 seconds.


She was the oldest entrant and, according to the NZ Herald, spent most of her time off the track hanging out with Auckland’s Indian community.

Man Kaur arrived early at the stadium before her event.  The NZ Herald said she made her way immediately to the 100 metres start, where she seemed – at first glance – to be someone’s grandmother.

But no, she was a genuine competitor.  To give her some extra motivation, Man Kaur was allowed to run with younger competitors.

The first three digits of her number – 10001 – represented her age group, the last two showed her athlete allocation.

Her son also competed at the comp.