1029 Hot Tomato nominated for Queensland Homicide Victim’s Support Group Award

Whenever there is a sausage sizzle at a 1029 Hot Tomato event, the money raised is more often than not donated to the Queensland Homicide Victims’ Support Group (QHVSG).

The not-for-profit organisation provides specialist support to the families and loved ones left behind after homicide, including to partners, children, parents, siblings, grandparents, work colleagues, classmates, friends and communities.

1029 Hot Tomato has supported the organisation over a number of years, and it’s something QHVSG want to recognise.


This year, the Gold Coast radio station has been nominated for The Mitchell Ferrario Compassion in Media Award which will be presented at the QHVSG  ‘Annual Night of Recognition and Christmas Celebration’ .

In the nomination, QHVSG wrote:

“1029 Hot Tomato on the Gold Coast have been an incredible support to QHVSG over the past few years. They have helped us raise thousands of dollars by having us along at many of their public events, paying us to hold barbecues for their listeners and allowing us to raise awareness for the organisation.

“The staff have been so supportive of our cause, promoting us on air and on their social media pages, giving us exposure to thousands of people who otherwise wouldn’t know that our organisation exists.

“Hot Tomato are also happy to promote QHVSG’s events on air and on their community page, when some other media outlets wouldn’t.

“Each time the radio hosts have contacted us for interviews, they have done so with such compassion, knowing that homicide is a very delicate subject, but also knowing that awareness needs to be raised. The hosts and promotions team have always being so caring, warm and genuinely kind.

“The money that Hot Tomato has helped us raise will make a phenomenal difference to our members, and the positive impact from the awareness they have raised for QHVSG has been just incredible.

“Thank you, Hot Tomato. I don’t think any of you realise the significant difference that you continue to make to our organisation.”

Other awards presented on the night include:
The Damian Leeding Compassion in Police Award (sponsored by Julie Waters and Family)
The Brad Lees Compassion in Service Award (sponsored by the Sutton family)
The Jody Galante Future Trail Blazer Award (sponsored by Jody Galante’s family)
The QHVSG Volunteer of the Year Award

Voting is now open for all of the awards, with the Gold Coast public encouraged to help decide the winners by voting on Facebook.