1029 Hot Tomato number one for the Coast

1029 Hot Tomato is the number one Gold Coast radio station as announced in GFK Gold and Tweed Coast Radio Ratings this morning.

Hot Tomato’s Flan and Emily Jade for Breakfast have had a 2.2 point audience share increase and are the number one choice for Gold Coasters to wake up to each weekday morning.

Emily Jade from Flan and Emily Jade for Breakfast had the following to say on today’s result: “I would like to thank our breakfast team’s lucky hats! Every time we wear our hats on the day survey results are released, we go to number 1. We didn’t wear our hats last time so we made sure we wore them this time and the result was outstanding.”


The stations workday sessions with Pete Carter (Mornings) and Simon Carey (Afternoons) both saw audience increases and are now the Gold Coast’s number one choice across the day.

Key Highlights:
Number # 1’s

  • All People 10+*
  • All People 25-54*
  • Flan and Emily Jade for Breakfast**
  • Mornings with Pete Carter**
  • Afternoons with Simon Carey**
Flan Emily Jade and Christo - Number 1 Breakfast interview

1029 Hot Tomato’s Flan, Emily Jade and Christo | PHOTO: myGC.com.au

1029 Hot Tomato’s Drive Show also had a solid increase in audience share to be the favourite locally broadcast program for Gold Coaster’s drive home.

“It’s a very good day. Great way to finish what has been an interesting year,” said Graham Miles, General Manager of 1029 Hot Tomato.

“Walking around the building you can see that getting back to number 1 makes people extremely proud of their working environment. It’s certainly better than the alternative so it’s a great day. The survey has to survive right through until the early parts of 2017 so it gives us a very strong base to move forward in the new year and we look forward to marching on and getting better.

“A lot of hard work goes into every day regardless of whether you get number 1 or not. Ultimately you strive to achieve number 1. It’s a great way to go into a well-deserved break for the breakfast and drive guys particularly. Everyone is going to rest up and get prepared to defend the number 1 spot next year.”

Source: GFK/ CRA Gold Coast/ Tweed Survey #3 2016
*Market Share: All People 10+ Monday to Sunday (5:30am – 12mn)
**Market Share: All People 10+ Monday to Friday (Breakfast: 5.30am – 9am), (Morning: 9am – 12noon), (Afternoon: 12noon – 4pm)