Coralie and Luke

1029 Hot Tomato’s Luke Bradnam and daughter Coralie reach Kilimanjaro summit

Luke Bradnam is the proudest dad on the planet today.

The 1029 Hot Tomato drive host’s ten-year-old daughter Coralie has managed to climb to the summit of Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain – with her father. The St Hilda’s student is one of the youngest in the world to reach the top of the 5,895 metre mountain.

Luke Mount Kilimanjaro

Luke and Coralie with their guide Julius (the same guide Luke used in 2015). PHOTO: © Supplied by Luke Bradnam


It was the second time Luke completed the feat, after reaching the summit for the first time in 2015. After seeing photos of her Dad standing atop Kilimanjaro, Coralie decided she too wanted to take on the challenge.

Luke Mount Kilimanjaro 2015

Luke at the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2015. PHOTO: © Supplied by Luke Bradnam

It wasn’t an easy climb for the father and daughter, with Coralie suffering altitude sickness after the pair reached 4600 metres.

In a facebook post, Luke said they were forced to descent over 1000 metres to help Coralie adjust to the altitude. “We had to take her down to 3300m and hope she came good. Luckily she did, but only due to the fact she never gave in.”

After the pair reached the summit, Luke posted a heartfelt message and photo, writing: “Without debate I’m the proudest Dad ever.”

Coralie and Luke Mt Kilimanjaro

PHOTO: © Supplied by Luke Bradnam

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