12 New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep

When was the last time you made a new year’s resolution – and actually kept it?

Most of us set ourselves up to fail with over-the-top resolutions that demand we change our entire personalities, habits and values in order to keep them. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you want to make a major life change like losing a significant chunk of weight.

But if you’d like to start with some smaller goals to gain confidence and tick off some wins before you dive into the bigger ones, why not try some of these on for size:


Floss. You know you need to.

Start the day with lemon water. Starting the day with a glass of ice-cold lemon water has a host of health benefits and gives you lightweight smug content to post on social media.

Save $5. Every week. Or every day, if you can afford it. Stash it in a tin or bank account that you don’t have easy access to and you’ll end the year with more cash than you began it with.

Go for a beach walk. If you’re not able to walk along the sand, at least park at the beach and inhale that salty, soul-rejuvenating air.

Surprise a loved one. With something they love: their favourite chocolate bar, a plant, a home-cooked meal. Do something nice for absolutely no reason and bask in the joy of selfless giving.

Spring clean something. The bathroom, your wardrobe, that weird third drawer that gets cluttered with life detritus…

Do a face mask. Ideally a sheet mask with a dewy serum that makes your skin glow – in just 20 minutes you’ll feel like everything is right with the world.

While you’re at it, treat your hair. A deep conditioning session will put back some of the moisture the sun is stealing from your hair over summer.

Complete one mini-project. We all have a lingering project (or 12) we need to knock over: stain the deck, sew ripped clothes, paint the front door, hang new photos.

Make a delicious dessert. The one you’ve always wanted to attempt – tiramisu, apple pie, crepes, bomb Alaska – and share it with mates.

Plant something. Herbs are a winner because you can use them in dinner, but if you’re worried about keeping things alive, start with a hardy succulent.

Learn something new. A language, an instrument, a dance move. Shake it up!