12yo left with broken jaw after being brutally bashed, robbed on the Gold Coast

A YOUNG boy has been left with a broken jaw after being brutally beaten and robbed by a group of kids in Helensvale.

The 12-year-old was at the train station around 6.30 last night when he was approached by four boys and girl who were known to him.

The boy has then run to a nearby taxi rank and got into a cab.


The four boys chased him down and dragged him from the taxi.

They started assaulting him before stealing his shoes and trying to steal his mobile phone.

One of the juveniles run off in to nearby bushland while the other four boarded a train.

The young victim was left with a fractured jaw, chipped tooth and grazing.

He was transported home by family-friends, before his grandmother transported him to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment.

Police have launched an investigation.

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and they will all get a slap on the wrist as usual. when are we gonna start seeing some actual consequences or are we gonna keep on letting them know they can get away with this stuff

Community service for those little ?’s.
When not at school and when usually enjoying free time (bashing and robbing other kids) then Every hr of every day for a good 2months at least should be spend working their ass off. Not done all together either but with others they don’t know and under a very watchful eye.
Back braking, physically demanding and mentally mundane jobs.
Not money (obviously), show them how it feels to work their b***s off only to end up with nothing. Plus give them a taste of reality.

Hell, if my son did that, I’d probably get reported by an unknowing neighbor for child slaverly .