14 boats destroyed during Gold Coast Waterways cleanup

MORE THAN a dozen boats, along with other pieces of abandoned property have been destroyed as part of a pre-Easter clean-up of Gold Coast waterways.

The 14 vessels – from various parts of the Coast, including The Broadwater, Paradise Point, Marine Stadium and some local canals – had either been left to rot, or their owners had failed to follow removal notices.

As a result, they’re being crushed up and disposed ahead of Easter, as part of a clean-up by the Gold Coast Waterways Authority (GCWA).


GCWA CEO, Hal Morris, said the recovery and crushing operation is part of the GCWA’s ongoing efforts to keep our waterways safer and accessible for everyone.

“These boats and abandoned property pose potential threats to the safe enjoyment of the waterways by other users,” Mr Morris said in a statement.

“The boats have either been abandoned by their owners or have overstayed their welcome in anchoring zones, so we’ve had to issue notices to have them removed,” he explained.

“We’ve spent more than $15,000 on this exercise. Unfortunately, that’s money taxpayers have had to stump up because some people aren’t doing the right thing on our waterways.

“Where we can, we try and sell the property to recover some of that cost but in this case, the boats aren’t considered seaworthy and can’t be sold so our only option is to destroy them.”

GCWA encourages people concerned about abandoned vessels and property or anchoring breaches to contact them on 5539 7350.