1500 travellers in quarantine after “mammoth” Qld Health contact tracing operation

Queensland Health has confirmed all 1500 people, feared to have come into contact with a positive COVID-19 case at Melbourne Airport, have been tracked down.

The travellers all passed through Tullamarine’s Terminal 4 on February 9, the same day a person infected with coronavirus worked at the airport’s Brunetti cafe.

Queensland Acting Chief Health Officer Dr Sonya Bennett said all 1500 people have been asked to quarantine at their place of residence for 14 days, from the time they were last in Greater Melbourne.


“The fact that we have been able to move so quickly to contact these 1500 people means we are in a very positive position to control any potential spread into our community from our country’s latest outbreak,” Dr Bennett said.

“The situation in Melbourne is yet another wake-up call for our community, that anything can change at any given moment during a pandemic.”

Greater Melbourne is now a declared COVID-19 hotspot, meaning anyone from the area is banned from entering the sunshine state.

“If you arrived in Queensland before 1am on Saturday, and you have been in Greater Melbourne in the last 14 days, please get tested immediately and isolate until you have your results,” Dr Bennett said.

“For those who arrived after 1am, anyone who has been in Greater Melbourne since 9 February, must quarantine in government arranged accommodation.”

Anyone who has been in any part of Victoria in the last 14 days is also required to complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass to enter Queensland.

Meanwhile, Queensland is now officially open to Perth and Peel after the state managed to get the upper hand on their feared virus outbreak.

“From 1am Sunday 14 February there will be no hotspots in Western Australia,” Dr Bennett said.

“You will not have to complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass to enter Queensland if you have been to Western Australia in the last 14 days.”

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Yep I’m sure all 1500 will self isolate!

Oh gawd….