18 Qlders tested after visiting Syd pub, suburbs declared hotspots

Queensland Health officials have declared two Sydney local government areas as coronavirus hotspots, while revealing 18 people in Queensland are being tested after visiting a pub at the centre of an outbreak.

The number of cases in New South Wales linked to the Crossroads Hotel at Casula rose to 21 on Monday with concerns that outbreak will spread further.

The 18 people in Queensland being tested are currently in isolation as they await their results.


As a result of the Sydney outbreak, Queensland Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young has today declared Liverpool City and Campbelltown City as hotspots.

It means anyone from those areas will be turned away at the border while Queenslanders returning from those regions will be forced into hotel quarantine for 14 days.

The measures will come into effect from midday Tuesday.

“This is important because we are seeing continued number of cases being confirmed who attended that hotel and we’re seeing subsequent infections in families and other groups from people who have come into contact with people who went to that hotel,” Dr Young said.

The State Government has also announced it will introduce jail terms of up to six months for people blatantly breaching Public Health Orders, including border measures.

It comes after six Victorians were fined $4003 each for lying on their border declaration forms and trying to sneak across the border.

“Right now the maximum penalty on-the-spot for breaching our Public Health Order is $4003 but in some cases that fine appears to not be a sufficient penalty,” Health Minister Steven Miles said.

“Perhaps people from other states might think that they might get away without having to pay for it, perhaps people think that $4000 is worth it to come to Queensland, worth the risk.

“I hope that will demonstrate to the public just how serious we are about enforcing these measures, just how serious it is that everyone complies with them and just how serious the penalty might be if they fail to do so.”

Queensland recorded no new cases overnight with the state’s total remaining at 1071.

There are four active cases across Queensland, including one on the Gold Coast.

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Lets see!
Are the jails large enough to cope, because if they are serious there is going to be another problem!