1,800 Aussies flock to NZ on first day of travel bubble

It’s been such an emotional 24 hours for airports on either side of the ditch, with thousands of people crossing over to be reunited with families.

The New Zealand Prime Minister has confirmed that around 1,800 Australian passports were recorded coming into the country yesterday alone.

Flights arriving in Auckland were welcomed with music, performances and plenty of friends and family.


Jacinda Ardern told The Today Show there were beautiful scenes.

It was such a wonderful day yesterday,” she said.

“Literally, watching families, watching friends be reunited, you would’ve had to have a pretty cold and dead heart not to be moved by what we saw yesterday.”

The New Zealand leader predicts that much of this early traffic will be families and friends reuniting, after over a year of not being able to fly without quarantining.

However, Ms Ardern is then hopeful of a confident return to international tourism, assuring Aussies that New Zealand’s border will work like an extra Australian state.

I would say to anyone wondering, how will it work, think of it just as you would travelling between states in Australia,” Ms Ardern told Today. 

“Because that’s how we intend to behave. If there’s a hotspot that is of cases of unknown origin, the kind of thing that might, for instance, cause a lockdown in a state, so it would be at that level, then we would likely pause for the same duration as that potential lockdown.

“So, really, it would be no different to any traveller who might be travelling from, say, NSW into Queensland or into Victoria.”

Emotional scenes were captured at the Gold Coast Airport too, with two flights arriving yesterday alone.

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Next week one case of Wuhan Flu and it immediately closes down again! 🤣😀😂😆

We have waited over a year for this and instead of enjoying the day, we already have the greedy people demanding when will the next country open up. It’s like handing a child a lolly and watching having a tantrum demanding more. Enjoy and be grateful for what we have people. The rest will come if we just show some patience.