Indian man related to a hit and run refusing to face Australian court as they are “racist”

An Indian man who killed a Gold Coast man nine years ago has launched a fresh bid to avoid extradition, claiming Australia is racist.

Puneet Puneet admitted to being behind the wheel when he ran down Dean Hofstee in Melbourne in 2008, but used a friend’s passport to flee Australia and has been fighting extradition ever since.

Mr Puneet’s latest argument, heard in a New Dehli court, is that “Indians are not safe in Australia” and “every case against India has some racial point to it”, according to News Corp.


The family of Mr Hofstee say it’s time for Mr Puneet to return to Australia to face justice, as the extradition delays were prolonging their ordeal.

The ongoing case has raised tensions between Australian-Indian communities, sparking comments that police have not pursed abuse against Indian nationals with the same vigour with which they have pursed Mr Puneet.