Popular Dusk Ethanol Burners recalled over fears of ‘serious burn injuries’

A variety of MoodFlame Ethanol Burners sold at Dusk stores nationwide have been recalled over fears they may cause serious burn injuries.

A recall notice posted on The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission website says the decorative alcohol fuelled device products “do not meet the new standard as units are of insufficient weight and size”.

“If, for example, a user attempts to refuel the MoodFlame product while it is still burning or hot or knocks over the MoodFlame product, the MoodFlame product may cause burns to users or property surrounding the product,” the notice reads.


PHOTO: productsafety.gov.au

The recalled products were sold at Dusk stores around Australia from December 2010 to December 2016.

People who have purchased any of the MoodFlame products have been urged to stop using them immediately and to return them to their nearest Dusk store for a full refund.