Pauline Hanson

VIDEO: Pauline Hanson blasted after wearing burqa in parliament

Pauline Hanson has been slammed by both sides of politics after walking into the Senate chamber on Thursday wearing the religious garb, as part of her push to ban it.

The One Nation Leader said she was wearing the burqa to prove a point about security.

Senate president Stephen Parry has told media her identity was confirmed before she entered the chamber.


One of the most vocal opponents of her stunt was Attorney General George Brandis who blasted Ms Hanson in parliament yesterday to a round of applause.

Justice Minister Michael Keenan has also condemned Ms Hanson’s actions, saying she has mocked people’s religious beliefs by wearing a burqa in parliament.

“It’s particularly unfortunate to mock people’s religious dress, we live in a free country and people are entitled to freedom of religious and of course people are entitled to wear what they’d like,” he said.