2 Australians and a German man found guilty after one of Australia’s biggest cocaine busts

TWO Australians and a German man have been found guilty of smuggling 400kg of cocaine into Australia.

A Brisbane Supreme Court jury has convicted German man Holger Sander and Australians Terrance Elfar and Simon Golding of importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug in 2010.

The court heard Sander brought the cocaine in a catamaran from Central America, and transferred it to Elfar and Golding’s yacht during a high-seas rendezvous off the Queensland coast.


The smugglers were unaway Australian Customs officials had their vessels in sight and when the 16-metre yacht docked at Scarborough marina north of Brisbane, laden with $160 million worth of cocaine, federal police were waiting.

At the time, it was Australia’s third-largest cocaine bust.


The trio are expected to be sentenced tomorrow.