2016 Census reveals we’re working less

The weeks might feel longer, but the Australian 2016 census has revealed we’re working fewer hours per week than we were in 2011.

According to the data, women worked an average of 30 paid hours per week and men 39 hours.

Overall the average paid working week for Australians was 34.6, down from 35.1 in 2011.


The hottest jobs of last year’s census were fitness instructors, beauty therapists and baristas.

There’s been a 27 per cent leap in fitness instructors and a 25 per cent rise in beauty therapist since 2011.

The number of bar staff and baristas have jumped by nearly a fifth.

The nationwide study also proved that Australians still don’t really like public transport.

Driving stays as the most popular method of transport for travelling to work.

Just under 5 million people drove or were a passenger in a car on their way to work on census day, Tuesday August 9, 2016.