2018 Com Games to leave ‘lasting transport legacy’

The Gold Coast is going through short term pain for long term gain and a lasting transport legacy, according to the man behind the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Event chair, Peter Beattie (pictured) has hit back at reports the city will face transport chaos when 1.2 million spectators and thousands of contractors arrive here next April.

It’s claimed Commonwealth Games chiefs in London have written letters to the Queensland Government, expressing the concerns and warning the event is at “significant risk”.


Mr Beattie insists the issues have been dealt with and his counterparts in England are satisfied.

“These letters are old,” Mr Beattie told myGC. “We have resolved the issues that were in the letters.

“In fact, the Commonwealth Games Federation in London has said our preparation is the best they’ve ever seen”.

“One of the biggest legacies out of these games will be the improved transport system. Anyone who sees roadworks on the Gold Coast knows (that).”

Mr Beattie says the improvements that will leave that ‘legacy’ are “better roads, doubling the rail services to Brisbane and upgrading the light rail”.

During the Games there will be 13 park and rides, 1,000 buses, 10,000 parking spots and an M1 strategy to move people between the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

But The Sunday Mail claims despite the assurances from the Gold Coast committee, London bosses were still not happy.