2018 Games: ‘Sophisticated’ push leaves Meter Maids on the kerb

They’re bronze beauties who deal with our silver and gold, but the iconic Surfers Paradise Meter Maids will have no place at the Commonwealth Games.

GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie has been forced to defend the move to leave the ladies out of the Opening Ceremony for next year’s event after Meter Maids owner Roberta Aitchison took to Facebook to slam the decision.

“I am not sure what to say really – after being snubbed for The Commonwealth Games,” she recently wrote.


She’s furious over the omission, and threatening legal action.

Mr Beattie told myGC it was “disappointing” that the company decided to release what was confidential information surrounding the highly anticipated Opening Ceremony.

“The Meter Maids had a really important part in Gold Coast history – but that was 1964 – people don’t even put coins in meters anymore,” Mr Beattie said.

“So the whole thing has changed.”

He explained that after extensive community consultation, the committee decided the scantily clad women better reflected the Glitter Strip of Yesteryear, while the 2018 games are about leaving a legacy.

And, they are a family experience, which Mr Beattie said had been reflected in the ticket prices.

“This is our unique opportunity, 1.5 billion people will see the opening ceremony.

“We need to sell a sophisticated image, about Griffith University, the Health and Knowledge Precinct… so there is a legacy for the games.

“What will bring tourists, but also investment? We want people who are interested in a long-term relationship with the Gold Coast, and that’s what our strategy is focused on.”