2019 Bachelor trailer drops and wow

Ever wonder where they find the absolute hunks that debut on the Bachelor?

Sure, we’ve enjoyed a few semi-famous people over the years (but let’s not go there about Honey Badger, wow)…

But seriously this new Matt Agnew guy, where. did. he. come. from?


SPACE. He came from SPACE. They’re flying them in from other planets now apparently. Nothing else left here on Earth.

The astrophysicist (alien) has flown in on a heart-shaped asteroid, streaming past a plethora of Australian women looking for a start in the entertainment industry, I mean love.

I mean, well, that’s what the official trailer looks like, which dropped TODAY.

And no matter how many cringey shakes I suffered sitting through it, I’m still readier than ever for this season.

First and most importantly of all, this Matt Agnew Astronaut physicist genius MUST be intelligent – POINTS Channel 10.

Also he’s as hot as the asteroid he landed on.

Anyway, check out the trailer and get ready to SWOON.